Self Care Journey - Yoga for Grief with Lakshmi Kanter

Whether you are a current caregiver or are grieving a loss, I can't stress enough the importance of selfcare. Remember you can't get water from an empty well. Yesterday, I attended Yoga for Grief with Lakshmi Kanter at RECHARJ. recharj® is the premier meditation studio in Washington, DC. Just steps from the White House, they deliver peace of mind in a noisy city. They feature “best in class” meditation teachers offering accessible and enriching classes from a variety of traditions. There you can experience an inspiring meditation session or power nap during your workday. When classes are not in session, their meditation room is open to the public for self-guided practice. This class in parti

What I learned from being a Caregiver

For those of you who are trained for the role of caregiver, you already have a leg up. For those who, like me, became a caregiver unexpectedly, strap in for the ride. As a caregiver you must have compassion, but you can’t get rattled when accidents or unexpected things happen. Caregiving is a true test of heart and a true test of physical and mental will. It is tough and often not rewarded. And yet it’s one of the most rewarding roles. What meant everything to me is when my mom smiled and said hey babe to me, and it made the trials and tribulations worth it. I listed below a few things that I had learned from being a caregiver for my mom who suffered from Alzheimer’s. I’ve learned that today

Becoming an Adult Orphan

Everyone knows their parents are going to die one day, but I had no idea that I would feel a deep feeling of emptiness. I remember in the initial days after my mom’s passing, I felt a deep sense of loss that I couldn’t explain. I remember saying well that’s it it’s only me now. Maybe it was because it was the fact that my mom was final piece of my small family to pass on. Nobody from my immediate blood line is alive now. My father died in 2009, My brother in 2015 and now my mother in 2017. I started to question my own mortality knowing that I’m it. Being single with no kids that just hits you. Think about it there is no one to pass family history down to, or take care of you when your old an

June 14th 2017 The Day My Heart Broke

I remember the day as I woke up in North Carolina on that Wednesday morning. It was different from other days my mom's husband stayed in bed later than usual I figured that he was catching some extra minutes of sleep since mom was wandering the weekend before. Watching CNN that morning like I usually do I remember two top news stories. There was a fire in Grenwell Tower block in London, England that ended up killing 79 and injuring 37 and a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire at Republican politicians practicing baseball in Alexandria, Virginia injuring 4. I remember saying how horrible that is and how the world is suffering so much pain and hate. The weather was bright and sunny unlike how

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