How to help a Caregiver in your life

So you have a friend, and they are currently a caregiver. You see them struggle daily to make it every day. Caregivers have to juggle responsibilities for everyone including themselves. Some of them have full-time jobs, or they are someone’s parent of young children. They are someone’s secretary making medical appointments, they are the legal counsel going over important paperwork deciding on their loved one's well-being, and they are the nursing assistant feeding and giving baths to their loved one, leaving no time for themselves. Their lives for the most part has made a complete 180 degrees turn from their regular day to day. I remember taking care of my mom making sure she was put togethe

So what if I don't want to be a Caregiver

Yes, I’ve said this to myself many of times, you love your parent, but you don’t think that you have it in you to be a caregiver. What do you do when you don’t have a choice? Well, I had two options like many of us do place my mom in a Nursing Home or step up to the plate a provide care to the woman that gave me life and was my number one supporter. I chose to step into the caregiver role. Fortunately, I had help her Husband and his daughter who was a medical provider who guided me along the way but if help isn’t available what do you do? What do you do when the "family" disappears from all forms of responsibility? These thoughts come into someone’s mind when their parent develops a form of

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