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About Me

Hi, my name is Terri Anderson and I know first-hand the challenges of caring for an aging parent with a serious illness. While working full time, I helped care for my mother until she succumbed from Vascular Dementia in June 2017.


I faced the frustrations and stress that came with managing both my Full-Time career and being a part-time caregiver at the same time.  This experience was the inspiration behind me creating " The CareGiversDepot "


My experiences as a family caregiver made me realize that this would be a great opportunity where I can share my thoughts and struggles while caring for my mom. This blog is part of my stress relief. It serves an outlet for me to write about everything and share tips on how I coped thru my experiences (good, bad, and the ugly) to help other caregivers so they can plan for the stages thru my trials as well as feeling that they have a safe space to have open dialogue via this blog and my facebook page to share their struggles and tips as well.

My mission for this blog is simple. We need to spread awareness for Dementia  all types but mainly Alzheimers disease.

I'm not a healthcare professional but like most caregivers you learn as you go to care for your loved ones. Together we can one day find a cure to "Fight the Memory Thief" and win.

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