Legal Documents that the Caregiver Needs : Caring for Parents with Dementia

If your spouse, parent, or another relative suffering from a form of dementia already? You need to complete some necessary paperwork. My mom was a nurse and was aware that she had dementia. So when the disease progressed, I was glad to find out that she had already completed the paperwork for handling her affairs before her dementia progressed too far. A person who has dementia needs someone who can make significant financial and medical decisions on his or her behalf. It’s crucial to assign this task while the person with dementia still has the mental strength, and legal capacity, to be involved in making a choice. Be careful if your parent, spouse or close friend waits to long to complete

Communicating with a Loved One that is Suffering from Dementia

Caregivers, you know how it is right? As your loved one’s dementia progresses, it becomes increasingly more difficult to communicate with them. It’s downright painful. You are probably dealing with the conversations going in circles like a merry go round, and it makes you crazy. It's not just me. My mom would also get frustrated with herself. My mom was a well-educated woman. She had two Master's degrees and was always willing to teach someone when asked. She was always about female empowerment. Now because of the Dementia, she would struggle with finding the words that she would want to say. I could tell that it bothered her by her mannerisms, so I would say to her "Mom it's okay let's get

Caregiving Tips: Talking to a Parent With Dementia

Speaking to a parent with Alzheimer’s can be a daily struggle. I remember that even though I loved my mom dearly communicating with her at times would make me crazy. It’s essential that you still help your loved one feel respected, valued, and supported since their suffering from a form of dementia. These tips helped me to communicate with her as her memory and judgment deteriorated. Try to have one on one conversations with your loved one. When you involve too many people in the discussion at least in my case, it can be overwhelming especially when the disease has progressed, and they have trouble communicating as it is. Don't argue with your loved one. You’ll both become more agitated, and

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