Returning back to the workforce after Caregiving

For the individuals that had to take a long break from their career to become a full-time caregiver the prospect of re-entering the workforce can be intimidating. Most likely you will find unique challenges that may make it difficult to land the job that you want. There are some ways that you can prepare for success.

Before you apply to the same types of jobs you held a year ago, consider the person you are today and determine if the career that you once had is a good fit for you now. One way to avoid doubting yourself and increasing your confidence back is to “identify what’s important to you at this point in your life, and What is your purpose? Caregiving can change you more than you know, and you will most likely look at life differently. Once you answer those questions, moving on to the practical task of pinpointing which skills you had developed before you left the workforce or in the year since then that employers might want will be easy. You may also consider using this opportunity to change career paths as well.

The job market can change in a few months. While caregiving there is a chance that you haven’t kept up with changes in your field, and that may make you fall behind the competition. Keeping your skills relevant will improve your chances of landing a job when the time comes. Consider taking classes, reading books, and search the Internet for information on the latest trends in your industry.

When updating your resume, do not try to hide your employment gap. Be honest and transparent about why you left your job in the past can be helpful. Initiate open discussions of why you stopped working. That will demonstrate your confidence, honesty, and resolve. Employers will understand and may want to assist you.