How to help a Caregiver in your life

So you have a friend, and they are currently a caregiver. You see them struggle daily to make it every day. Caregivers have to juggle responsibilities for everyone including themselves. Some of them have full-time jobs, or they are someone’s parent of young children. They are someone’s secretary making medical appointments, they are the legal counsel going over important paperwork deciding on their loved one's well-being, and they are the nursing assistant feeding and giving baths to their loved one, leaving no time for themselves. Their lives for the most part has made a complete 180 degrees turn from their regular day to day.

I remember taking care of my mom making sure she was put together when she was still able to go out and about, and I ended up going outside with my shirt on backward. Caregivers who most of the time take on this role out of love knowing that no payment would be received nor a thank you.

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to support a friend who is a caregiver? If you don’t know depending on the situation ask your friend or colleague what can I do to help? Here a few ideas you can start with.

1. Be Empathetic

Your friend is going thru something painful, if their loved one has a life-threatening disease like dementia, they worry every day how long they have left with their loved one. I grieved every day as my mom went further along in the disease. When she passed away, I was just emotionally exhausted. These feelings are normal. You may not have gone thru something like that yourself but being there is showing a sign of support. Call and check on them now and then, and don’t take their irritability personally as they are in a stressful situation.

2. Help out