Six signs that your loved one with Dementia may need nursing home care

Over time the dark days outweigh the good days. Although you want to don’t want to admit it, you feel that you can no longer take on the caregiving responsibility. Placing your loved one who has dementia in a nursing home is never a decision you should take on lightly but, here are some signs that caregivers visually and physically experience to recognize that maybe it’s time to consider it: 1. Wandering. As dementia moves into the later stages, the risk of wandering becomes more significant. Your loved one can wander off even if you leave them out of your sight for a moment to go to the bathroom and the probability of falls and injuries increases. I must admit when my mom wandered out of t

Five things to consider when planning to place your loved one in a Nursing Home

The time has come when you feel that you can’t provide your parent the best care at home. You have dreaded this choice, but think that it’s best for all parties involved. There are things that you should consider when making this decision. In the brief moment that I considered placing my mom in a Nursing home as a last resort, I've heard the horror stories about mistreated patients but, there are good Nursing homes you have to do your research. I did some research myself even though we decided to keep mom at home. First things first, get yourself a notepad because you need to do your research. Start by writing down what type of care that your loved one needs? Talk to their current physician

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