Celebrate your Loved Ones Life's accomplishments

I went to visit my mom and stepdad's final resting place on Christmas Day, and it was emotional for me. I mean in a matter of four years I lost everyone in my immediate family. I went through the daunting task of going thru my loved ones things and came across a trunk full of accomplishments that my mom and stepdad had over their lifetime. There were diplomas, certificates, letters of recognition old photos, etc Just a cornucopia. of things that just showed what amazing individuals they were. I thought to myself WOW. Now I knew my mom was amazing of course, but I had said after all that life's work, a disease like dementia can come in and take you away so ruthlessly. My stepdad had a purpl

How to bring the Holiday celebrations to your Loved Ones in the Nursing Home

While you are looking forward to spending the holiday season with family and friends, it may be a little different this year. Perhaps a parent, grandparent or even a dear friend suffering from a form of Dementia is in a nursing home this time around. You may be questioning yourself how to celebrate the holiday festivities with them in this situation or even if you should do it at all. Some elderly individuals know that they can’t spend the holidays in their own home, and that can be difficult. If your elderly loved one does not want to talk about it respect their decision. Just don’t pretend that the holidays are not coming. First things first before you plan to celebrate the holidays or any

Returning back to the workforce after Caregiving

For the individuals that had to take a long break from their career to become a full-time caregiver the prospect of re-entering the workforce can be intimidating. Most likely you will find unique challenges that may make it difficult to land the job that you want. There are some ways that you can prepare for success. Before you apply to the same types of jobs you held a year ago, consider the person you are today and determine if the career that you once had is a good fit for you now. One way to avoid doubting yourself and increasing your confidence back is to “identify what’s important to you at this point in your life, and What is your purpose? Caregiving can change you more than you know,

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