What Can I Do About the Grief I Experience as a Caregiver?

There are so many ways that can help you cope with your Grief so I provided a couple below that may assist you. 1. Keep a journal of your feelings/grief work. I created this blog “the Caregivers depot” as a way to express my feeling during my caregiving and after. Looking back actually helped me to see my progression. 2. Write a letter to the person who's died; tell them exactly what you're going through or resolve any "unfinished business". 3. Don't avoid Family Days -- plan ahead of time how you will make them special, what rituals will change, what will remain the same, and how you'll include the memory of the person who has died. 4. Tell others clearly what you want and

The Five Effects of Caregiver’s Grief

Grief is a natural and normal reaction to loss and change. It affects ALL aspects of ourselves: the physical, emotional, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual aspects. I myself have experienced and still experience these effects of grief still from time to time. I’ve listed the main effects below. 1. PHYSICAL EFFECTS • Headaches • dizziness • exhaustion muscular aches • loss of appetite • insomnia • hollowness • breathlessness 2. EMOTIONAL EFFECTS • Anger • sadness • anxiety • sense of helplessness • shock • numbness • yearning • relief • guilt 3. PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS • Sense of depersonalization • lack of concentration • search for the meaning of life or death • dreams

The 15 Truths about Grief that I wish someone told me about.

A few blog posts ago I shared what I learned about being a caregiver. Now I'm going to share with you after reflecting after my mom passed away what I wish that someone told me about grief. 1. Every death is sudden. It doesn't matter whether if you know that it's coming because a fatal disease or not. 2. Most of the grieving you experience is before your loved one passes away. In my case I was grieving the loss of my mom while she was still living because of dementia. 3. The first year of losing someone is the worst. I'm still not looking forward to the holidays without my mom. The first Thanksgiving, The first Christmas etc. 4. The last days of your loved one will playback in your life like

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