Going to the Emergency Room: Tips for Dementia Caregivers

I was caregiver for my mom who had vascular dementia. I'm not a healthcare provider so I didn't want to guess what my mom was suffering from at the time so, I had to take her to the emergency room often to make sure it wasn't something serious. The scariest thing about that was she couldn't tell us what was wrong, but you know when your loved one is in pain by paying attention to their mannerisms. You must be your loved one's healthcare advocate and ensure they receive the best care. Being an advocate for your loved ones care, you should be prepared to have the proper documentation when you arrive at the emergency room. You should have an "Emergency Room Kit" like a folder, binder, and tote

Sorting Through What’s Left Behind (Mary's Boutique)

It took a while for me to write this post. You see the last time that I went thru my mom’s closet; it was to pick out her final outfit and her essential papers when she passed away. I felt incredibly overwhelmed. My emotions were in overdrive, so I quickly grabbed what I needed and closed the door. I quicly noticed how many things were in her closet. You see my mom was a shopper (it brought her joy) and not just some crap she shopped and purchased high-quality items. In her words, we will need it one day, and don't we all say that at times to justify a purchase? About a month ago, I decided to go thru what I call “Mary’s Boutique” with her husband’s daughter Pat, and we hardly made a dent. M

Daylight Savings Time and Alzheimer's

Did you know that Daylight Savings time effects someone with Alzheimer's Disease? We all look forward to that extra hour of sleep however, caregivers probably won't feel the same way. Your "body clock" is affected by the earth cues like sunlight and temperature. When this changes this can have a negative effect on someone with Alzheimer's causing them to become confused. When the clock changes you must deal with both the change of weather and when the sun rises and sets. When you’re on a strict schedule this has the potential of causing the individual with Alzheimer’s difficulty adjusting. There are some things that you would notice that your loved one is display the effects of Daylight Savi

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