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Sorting Through What’s Left Behind (Mary's Boutique)

It took a while for me to write this post. You see the last time that I went thru my mom’s closet; it was to pick out her final outfit and her essential papers when she passed away. I felt incredibly overwhelmed. My emotions were in overdrive, so I quickly grabbed what I needed and closed the door. I quicly noticed how many things were in her closet. You see my mom was a shopper (it brought her joy) and not just some crap she shopped and purchased high-quality items. In her words, we will need it one day, and don't we all say that at times to justify a purchase?

About a month ago, I decided to go thru what I call “Mary’s Boutique” with her husband’s daughter Pat, and we hardly made a dent. My mom had everything in that closet besides clothes most with the tag still on them, brand new shoes, bath and body products, Christmas wrapping paper. Random paperwork, photos, tote bags you name it. In her defense it wasn’t a big closet for a woman according to my standards, it was small, so I will let that go 😊. You also saw where dementia took over and you would find candy wrappers, expired boxes of half-eaten raisins, nuts, etc.

Since Dave's daughter and I are different sizes, it was easy going thru my mom’s clothing, well the shoes we gave them to the neighbor that helped Mr. Dave when we were away. I’m glad that I had someone to help start the “Cleaning out the Closet” project because it brought back good memories and laughed when we found an item. I will go thru the rest of her clothes over the holidays, and well I will think of it as her gift to me.

As a family, we decided to leave the possessions like home décor, books, and cookware in the home alone for it would make the house feel warm and cozy because she was such a loving person, and so we don’t just feel like the home is just barren so suddenly. Cooking in her home with her cookware only “felt right.” The garage, however, with old-school appliances, and such we can methodically remove that.

Friends and family members may have their opinions of what is right or wrong when it comes to you “cleaning out your loved one’s closet,” but the true right or wrong is in your heart. I won't say that it won't be hard as you go through your loved one’s things, because it will be hard, and it will bring up memories, you may find out something out that you didn't know, but you will know what the right time to do it is. Until that time comes, don't rush it and take your time."

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