Dementia - Maintaining your loved one's Dignity

If your loved one feels that their value as a human being is not essential, this can stop them from being comfortable during this challenging time suffering from a form of Dementia. Without their dignity, they would feel dehumanized leading them to give up mentally leading them not to want to hang on to fight the disease for as long as possible. There are 8 factors related to dignity identified by the Social Care Social Care Institute for Excellence 1. Choice and control. 2. Communication. 3. Eating and nutritional care. 4. Pain management. 5. Personal hygiene. 6. Practical assistance. 7. Privacy. 8. Social inclusion 1. Ensure that your loved one is involved in any decision tha

My 1st Mother's Day without my Mom

Everyone knows that a Mother's Love is undeniable it goes beyond understanding. As I was going thru my mom's papers I found that poem placed there as I guess a note for me and my brother once she was gone. I took that as a gift, and that piece of paper is very special to me. You see my mom was EVERYTHING. She was my number one cheerleader. always the on being in the 1st row at a performance taking pictures nodding her head in approval and standing up clapping. She was fun we went to Barbizon modeling classes together, can you imagine smizing with your mom before it was a thing 😊. she even told me to go talk to a boy when she knew I was single for a while, she didn't want me to be alone. She

Finding the Joy in Caregiving

I know some of you are giving me a side-eye, and you may not think that's true but you can find joy in caregiving. I needed to do this not just for my mom but for my sanity. As a full-time employee, I was already stressed out as it is. I drove five hours to North Carolina to care for her and give her husband a break. I was so focused on the all the necessary tasks like her care, medical appointments that I had to take her to, and the financial issues. In the beginning, I forgot about just enjoying the precious time that I had left with my mom while ensuring providing self-care for myself. So, I decided to start taking advantage of the "good days" and start doing things that would bring her h

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