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My 1st Mother's Day without my Mom

Everyone knows that a Mother's Love is undeniable it goes beyond understanding. As I was going thru my mom's papers I found that poem placed there as I guess a note for me and my brother once she was gone. I took that as a gift, and that piece of paper is very special to me.

You see my mom was EVERYTHING.

She was my number one cheerleader. always the on being in the 1st row at a performance taking pictures nodding her head in approval and standing up clapping.

She was fun we went to Barbizon modeling classes together, can you imagine smizing with your mom before it was a thing 😊. she even told me to go talk to a boy when she knew I was single for a while, she didn't want me to be alone.

She was the one to teach me about saving my money and balancing my checkbook.

She taught me to care for others by taking me to volunteer at a food bank and pack meals for others, and work at a hospital as a candy striper to keep patients company.

She was the one when I was saying I don’t need to know how to drive because we lived in New York and I could take the subway. She made me learn because she didn’t want me to be depended on anyone aka a man (no offense guys) lol. She even gave me my 1st car it was a Volvo. They don’t make them like that anymore it was like a tank. When I look back I would be in a pickle if I didn’t listen to her.

She healed my wounds, when I tried stunts as a kid and busted my knee or when a guy broke my heart.

She was SUPPORTIVE in every way.

People would call my mom, mom because she was kind and loving to everyone. If you needed help she was 1st in line, but don’t cross her as she wasn’t anyone’s Fool.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Mom like mines, and this blog doesn't do justice to everything that she was, but I have time to keep talking about her because I continue to blog in her honor to help others because that is what she would want me to do.

This is my 1st Mother's Day without my mom so this was my note to Heaven:

God, would you pick out some roses🌷🌷 and give them to my mom's heavenly soul for me? I placed flowers at her grave by her earthly body but her soul and spirit are no longer there.

She went to Heaven almost a year ago after a fierce 10-year battle with #Dementia, and I'm happy that she is no longer in pain. She was such a kind, loving person to suffer from that.

I talk to her daily, and I know that she watches over me but if you could just give her a hug and kiss for me along with everyone else who lost their mom that would be awesome. I know that one day we will meet again so we can pick up more flowers together. 🌹

I feel blessed to have a mom for 82 years as others have lost a mom at a much younger age. She was there through my major milestones and was to pick me up when I fell down. All I ask of everyone that reads this post to cherish your mom while she is still with you.

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