Sometimes you just have to say Thank You

About a week ago when I went down to North Carolina to care for my mother I felt the need to say something to my her even though she may not be able to understand me at this stage in her disease. As she wandered into the room that I was sitting in I asked her to sit down with me and she did. I said mom you've done a great job, Thank you for being a great mom, and Thank you for grooming me to become the woman that I am today. I also, said no matter what I will be okay. I don't know how much that that comment registered in her mind, but she grabbed my hand so I felt that she understood. I believe that sometimes a loved one will hang in there for you because they don't want to leave you alone

The Traveling Caregiver and the Toll it takes

Yes, on the day I'm writing this blog I had enjoyed a two-day reprieve from my caregiving duties. I'm thankful for every minute. Well as soon as I got into a groove of relaxing aka sleep, be in my own apartment, or laugh with friends to discuss anything other than caregiving to escape from my reality, I found out that I need to go down the road again. Well I pack my bags, gas up the car and get ready to leave 1st thing in the morning. The traveling is getting much more frequent now that my mom's disease has progressed, and since I’m the closest 5 or 6-hour drive guess what I'm up. Caregiving is a thankless job. Sure, it's admirable but as I said before you put all your energy to care for you

Dementia and Safety Series: Driving and Dementia – Planning Ahead

This is the final topic in the Driving and Dementia of my Dementia and Safety series – Planning Ahead.If you or your loved one in the early stages of Alzheimer's, it is never too soon to plan ahead for how you will get around when you can no longer drive. Putting a plan in place can be an empowering way to make sure that your loved one has a choice in what they want. Tips for planning ahead Remember that each situation is unique. What works for one person may be different from what works for another. Involve family and close friends in the plan. Luckily I didn't have to deal with resistance, My mom was a nurse and took it upon herself to stop driving. If you meet resistance I would empathiz

Worn-Out Wednesday (When you feel that your best isn’t good enough)

Caregivers I know you feel this way sometimes. As I look at my mother just a shell of her former shell hits me to my core. Yes, I’m tired you know how it is. You must provide 24-hour care day in day out no break but does the end justify the means? Her husband is developing high blood pressure but not as much as mine and I’m a caregiver part time as I’m trying to maintain my full-time job. Obviously, I haven’t been able to maintain my work to the level as it’s been in the past. You see I said this before that it takes a tribe to care for a loved one with any form of dementia. The routine every weekend is not enough as my mom is going into the final stage of the disease. She doesn’t eat solid

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