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The Traveling Caregiver and the Toll it takes

Yes, on the day I'm writing this blog I had enjoyed a two-day reprieve from my caregiving duties. I'm thankful for every minute. Well as soon as I got into a groove of relaxing aka sleep, be in my own apartment, or laugh with friends to discuss anything other than caregiving to escape from my reality, I found out that I need to go down the road again. Well I pack my bags, gas up the car and get ready to leave 1st thing in the morning.

The traveling is getting much more frequent now that my mom's disease has progressed, and since I’m the closest 5 or 6-hour drive guess what I'm up. Caregiving is a thankless job. Sure, it's admirable but as I said before you put all your energy to care for your loved one knowing that whatever you do it won't get better it will get worst. It just tears away from my very soul it hurts that much. But you want your loved one to stay at home safe.

I question how long I can do this driving back and forth. I'm exhausted mentally and physically, my blood pressure is sky high, it’s funny to think that all the caregivers around her will be falling apart and my mom is oblivious as to what is going on.

All the costs involved in her care is adding up. gas cost from traveling wear and tear on my car I already had a tire blow out on me on the road. Buying food for the family and household goods, and Time I must take off from work. Once I'm here I must prepare food, help bathe my mom, and dress her. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom...It's just hard

Is it wrong for me to feel like I'm being punished?

Are you a caregiver that travels? If so, how do you manage this juggling act?

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