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Sometimes you just have to say Thank You

About a week ago when I went down to North Carolina to care for my mother I felt the need to say something to my her even though she may not be able to understand me at this stage in her disease.

As she wandered into the room that I was sitting in I asked her to sit down with me and she did. I said mom you've done a great job, Thank you for being a great mom, and Thank you for grooming me to become the woman that I am today. I also, said no matter what I will be okay.

I don't know how much that that comment registered in her mind, but she grabbed my hand so I felt that she understood. I believe that sometimes a loved one will hang in there for you because they don't want to leave you alone. I just wanted her to have a peace of mind, knowing that I will be okay.

None of us knows how long we have left on this earth and when our journey is done, but I know that I'm going to cherish the days that I have left with my mom. As always until next time Stay Strong and Encouraged.

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