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Dementia and Safety Series: Driving and Dementia – Planning Ahead

This is the final topic in the Driving and Dementia of my Dementia and Safety series – Planning Ahead.If you or your loved one in the early stages of Alzheimer's, it is never too soon to plan ahead for how you will get around when you can no longer drive. Putting a plan in place can be an empowering way to make sure that your loved one has a choice in what they want.

Tips for planning ahead

  • Remember that each situation is unique. What works for one person may be different from what works for another.

  • Involve family and close friends in the plan.

  • Luckily I didn't have to deal with resistance, My mom was a nurse and took it upon herself to stop driving. If you meet resistance I would empathize with those who are uncomfortable having the conversation and stress the importance of preparing for the future.

  • Try to agree on a plan ahead of the disease progression, and share with all the members of the family that includes practical safety steps, such as a periodic driving assessment, a GPS monitoring system for the car, and alternate transportation options.

Transportation options

Driving is not the only transportation option available. There are many options people can explore that will allow them to continue to travel independently and remain in control of their mobility.

  • Slowly transition driving responsibilities to others. Arrange for family members and friends to provide transportation.

  • Arrange a taxi service, or Uber and/or Lyft car service

  • Use special transportation services for older adults. Access local resources using the Eldercare Locator at

  • Reduce the need to drive . In this day you should be able to have prescription medicines, groceries or meals delivered.

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