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Would you want to know if you were going to develop #Alzheimers or any other form of #Dementia??

I posted this to a FB Group today and it got a lot of attention. It makes you wonder if you would want to know. For me I would kind of accept that I may develop some form of Dementia since both my parents have it. It's sad really, as I get older I get more vested in finding a cure. It may to late for my parents but maybe I will has a chance.

Some responses I received on my posted was :

1. I would want to know so I can plan my retirement early so I can do all things I wanted to do while I can still be aware of everything.

2. Some wouldn't want to know because they would probably freak out, and they didn't want their loved ones to change things that they wanted to do with their life because of them.

3. They would want to have the option of assisted suicide so they can take control of their life.

Robin Williams the actor who was one of my favorite actors was battling depression because he was also suffering from anxiety and Parkinson's Disease in the days leading up to his suicide. He wasn't ready to share this with the public.

What would you do ? Please comment and lets start a discussion.

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