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Feelings Friday

My Mom and a young me :)

TGIF CareGivers :) and supporters

My mood today is peaceful with a dash of reflection

I thought before I go into my post today I would share a picture of my gorgeous mom.

As I sit here typing out my blog post I wonder what I should share with you. I'm in a calm place before the storm. I say that because this is the weekend I have for myself which is so necessary for caregivers. You need time for yourself to recharge, reset, recuperate from providing care for your loved ones.

For me typing my thoughts on the keyboard of my laptop is therapeutic. If you’re not a caregiver yourself you can't even understand how this is the hardest job that you didn’t apply for. Being able to be strong and positive and to move forward while you watch you loved one in my case my mom slowly disappear before your eyes while her physical being remains.

One that doesn’t go thru this wouldn’t understand that I miss the conversations that we used to have, the encouraging words of guidance that she would share. Every now and then I think about the times that I took it for granted we do that as humans I guess, but I'm thankful that she gave me the tools to be the woman that I am today. I know that she did a great job.

So, I say that to say to embrace every moment you have with you loved ones because you don't know the deck of cards that you were given. I have no regrets just missing my mom and her wit / smarts / finesse. Yes she will always be that to me..

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