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Feelings Friday

TGIF Caregivers, My Mood is well okay. I'm with my mom for a long weekend because she has a doctor’s appointment for her checkup. This also gives and her husband a break. Every time I see her deteriorating from this horrific disease it breaks my heart. When I go home I go thru old photographs. Do you do that? It makes my smile and brings back good memories of when things were simple and everyone was healthy. I came across this picture. My Mom, Dad and my brother. My Dad died in 2008 from Parkinson's Disease, My brother died in 2015 from stage 4 cancer. My mom as you know is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. I dread the day that I lose her and she is the last of my immediate family then it will be just me although I feel likes it’s just me anyway because she is slowly saying goodbye to me everyday. I know that you shouldn’t put negativity in the universe that I will suffer from inheriting some form of dementia but with both parents having it I must start to put my life in order. I will share what I’ve done to prepare in another post. This going to be a short post today folks. The main goal of my #FeelingsFridays is to let you look at your loved ones that are still around and cherish the times you have because you never know what cards are dealt for you and your future. Make memories take pictures / video whatever. Laugh and Love often. Well with that said everyone “Stay Strong and Encouraged” and continue to advocate for a cure for Dementia.

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