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Musing Monday

Well it's Monday morning and I'm home and emotionally spent. Although I didn't make my trek to North Carolina to see my mom, the guilt of me having a restful weekend weighs on me.

This unlike my longer posts is just to record my thoughts right now. Yesterday I usually check in on my mother's husband to get status on him the 365/7 caregiver and how my mom is doing. Usually his answer is consistent "She's the same no change" which to me is better than "Not so good" which is what his update was on this day. My heart just sunk if your a caregiver you know that feeling. He shared that she wandered around the house all night so he wasn't able to get any rest. He doesn't know how much longer he can take care of her.

So it put me in a state of urgency. What should I do? Should I place her in an Assistant Living Facility in Virginia so I can see her everyday from work? Or should I place her in an Assistant Living Facility in North Carolina so she can be close to her Husband? Both has there Pros and Cons. Pros she would be near her husband the con of this is I would still have to drive up and down the road probably more then than now because I feel very uncomfortable with someone taking care of her besides her family. At least in Virginia I can check in with her everyday. But then she will be so far way from her husband.

It's so stressful to thinking about what we do for her because there is no going back. Remember as I always say #StayStrongAndEncouraged. Love your family, cherish the time you have, as you never know what cards you've been dealt. That is All

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