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Feelings Friday

They say that God doesn't make mistakes. Then why has this Alzheimer’s Disease come and take hold of all that was beautiful and strong from my mother like a thief in the night. Why would this disease take anyone’s loved one for that manner? My father was taken from a combination of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, now my mom is suffering from Alzheimer’s and so what now I say to myself at times.

I'm not a religious person by any means I grew up going to church each Sunday and said my prayers each night my mom made sure of that. Over the past few years 8 to be exact I've just about lost all my immediate family. My Dad and Grandmother (My Mom's Mom) in 2008, My Brother in 2015, and now my mom is slowly going into the final stages of Alzheimer’s.

I guess as I would think my faith would be stronger during this time. It has wavered. You pray and you do good things but nothing changes. God suffered himself by giving his son to suffer for our sins. He suffered for us, and I'm grateful. My mom is like an angel on earth so why is this happening?

She would help anyone when needed or requested, expecting nothing in return. She loved her family and still at times when I know that she may not be sure of herself I believe her love for me is so strong she still knows my name Terri and says oh my baby came so far to see me and smiles. What upsets me that although her remaining brothers and sisters are older they haven't once come to check on her when she took care of them when they were growing up and in their adult life. I guess that's how some families are dysfunctional. If you read my Thankful Thursday you know that I'm glad that I have her Husband and His Daughter without them Both my mom and I would be lost.

I'm grateful for my Mom as she made me the woman that I am independent and strong at times but a little soft because she shields me from all harm like most moms. This should really be a Mother’s Day post but I was in the mood to type so when that happens that's what you do.

Happy Mother’s Day to your mom whoever is reading this. Cherish your moments if she is still here with you. If you argue forgive quickly. Because one day she won't be there to catch you when you fall and be your biggest cheerleader which is what my mom was for me.

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