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When did Insensitivity become so obvious?

Happy Sunday everyone. This is a short post today.

Let's talk and think about the last time that you either shared your family’s illness with someone. Or just anything in general, and they said something completely insensitive? Do you think that they did it intentionally? or did you think that they didn't think before they opened their mouth.

We as caregivers are under so much stress daily. They may not walk around crying all the time. I know I don't. I've always been taught to never let them see you sweat. But since I've been caring for my mother, my tough shell has become easily pliable.

One of my colleagues said to me, " You know you can just put your mom into a home and you'll be less stressed". I was like really? It took everything out of me not to say something colorful and non-lady like. I mean placing your mom in a home is a hard decision with many variables involved. Just the thought of admitting my mom into a facility – even a really good one – gives my a feeling of being on a rollercoaster ride fueled by guilt, shame and absolute terror.

That same colleague also mentioned that I was "Off My Game". Yes I know that my work productivity had faulted due to my lack of sleep, and lack of concentration.I don't use that as an excuse because everyone has some kind of issue to deal with. It not easy being a caregiver even if it's part-time. I was doing the best that I could to the point of exhaustion.

You know I've never been an insensitive person. I try to think before I speak. Everyone has a story. I don't judge because I haven't walked in someone else's shoes.

So when was the last time an insensitive remark left you shocked? And, what do you wish you would have said or done? Please share in the comments section below

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