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Essential Car features for Caregivers

The summer holidays are rapidly approaching, and you will most likely have to travel with your loved one. It's important to keep up with your car maintenance. Most people don't realize how vital specific features in your vehicle can assist you with your caregiving tasks.

Being a caregiver for someone with a form of dementia is very challenging. As caregivers, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles driving to medical appointments, grocery store, etc. What you would think is a short trip could become a nightmare when you are responsible for your loved one's needs. Thinking about your vehicle's features will make your caregiving job more comfortable and give more support to those you care for.

Easy Access

It's crucial that you have space to enter and exit the vehicle primarily when they have limited mobility. If you can help it avoid low two-door cars, high trucks or SUVs. I always had a hard time keep the door open of my car when I was helping my mother. It kept on hitting me. Choose a vehicle that won’t force your loved one to climb up to enter the car. It’s best that the seats are at a decent level. Doors that open and close remotely make it easier for the caregiver. You know like the mom van.

Storage Space

As caregivers, you may have to travel with equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, and bags, so a roomy vehicle with cargo space is a must. Besides making sure everything fits in the cargo area, take note of the ease or difficulty of loading and unloading. It is worth bringing an item with you to the dealer to try it out. Check how high the cargo load floor is. Rear trunks or hatches that open remotely are a help.

Supportive Technology

In the age of Apples Siri, technology today can help both the caregivers and their loved one. Check out those features that would assist you. If your car is an older car, you can always get it installed or use your mobile device (hands-free) of course. A radio that can play soothing music will calm everyone in the vehicle. Temperature control or seats that heat up or cool down are excellent to keep your loved one comfy. Vehicles with a remote start that control the temperature before anyone enters the car is a plus.

Try to consider a communication service that connects you to emergency responders. This navigation system points you to the nearest hospital or pharmacy. You can even have a system in your vehicle that monitors your vehicle's condition and location and connects you to roadside assistance and emergency services.

Some sort of GPS is essential, mainly if it includes voice assist to make hands-free calls. The navigation system makes your driving safer by giving you directions, so your eyes stay on the road. The method may also provide traffic updates, so you can avoid problems and make appointments on time.

What's essential in the end that you as the caregiver is pleased with your vehicle after it fits all the specs. You need to feel comfortable driving the car and has enough space, comfort, and the features that you need to assist you with your caregiving needs.

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