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Blogging your Caregiving Journey can be therapeutic

If you have followed my blog for a while, you would know that I turned to blogging to ease the stress, depression, and anxiety, that I suffered as a caregiver for my mom who suffered then succumbed from Vascular Dementia. That helped me to keep my emotions in check.

Looking back at my blog now that my mom has passed showed how I progressed thru each of the stages of her illness. I shared my feelings for other caregivers to refer to and to know that they're not alone in their caregiving journey. Blogging is like looking into my soul where my thoughts and emotions live without fear of people’s criticism. It helped me to find meaning surrounding that particular circumstance in my life.

Some people may ask why I turned to documenting my story because I’m obviously not a professional writer and that’s okay you don’t have to be. Being perfect with proper grammar takes away from the authenticity of your blog entry. Look going to a therapist is expensive although I do encourage this if someone needs it. By writing a blog you open yourself to have the opportunity to receive feedback, motivation, and inspiration from individuals who are in the similar situation as you or just people who want to help.

Writing a blog for me allowed me to spill my true feelings on the computer screen. I use this platform to possibly encourage others to be strong during their struggles with their personnel caregiving experience with all forms of Dementia or any other life threating disease that your loved one is suffering from as a caregiver or if you are dealing with the disease yourself. It’s where you are at your most vulnerable point.

So, do you write a blog? Or, would you consider starting one after reading this post? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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